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pepskivsnackcap's Journal

Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
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I have created this community as an outlet for anyone with a story to tell or a picture to post about the endless battle between two Cold war nemeses, The evil, villainous, very communist Doktor Seamus Von Pepski, a villian re-emerged from a cryogenic state in 2004 only to find that everything he loved about communism has been defeated by the free market economy. His goal: to bring forth a new age of communism...a kinder, gentler form, with all the doom and punishment thrown in. He uses plans that well...are more or less doomed fromt he inception because of his twisted point of view of the world. He, along with his lackeys, Chibi Chibowshi, mistress of allthings cute and evil, and Gardner-ville, all around never do well and unwavering yes man to doktor Pepski...and Snack Captain, all around he-man, protector of all things American..from the time of John Wayne, and daredevil flyboy. To his aid, are a daring team of expert pilots called the last chancers. Although rarely seen, they give the captain aid as needed. But their primary goal is to provide him with windows as needed so as to throw the villainous trio through them as each plot is foiled...so that they can fight another day..