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The unfreezening-ment-2004 part numero twosees - Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The unfreezening-ment-2004 part numero twosees [Jul. 5th, 2006|09:40 am]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
[mood |awake]
[music |The soviet national anthem]

The old man moved a little to the left, putting more of the hallway between the slowly opening pod and himself, but kept one eye on it. As it opened all the way, a cloud of dry ice fog eminated from the inside, covering the immediate area in front. Form out of the fog slowly lurched forth....a man? A man, how can that be? He was soaked from head to toe, visibly exhausted, a little disoriented as he held onto the side of the opening firmly with both hands. He was shivering rather fiercely, almost like that of a seizure..well what do you expect, he was naked after all.. With a look of concern, the old man went to the reborn figure to offer what aid he could. As he was approached, the man barked out something, but the old man explained in German that he didn't understand Russian. With a rather angry look on his face, the man snatched a rag, a little bigger than your average dish towel, from the old man's tool belt and barked this time in German, "A towel you insolent little worm!! Do you not understand it when I ask for a towel!!!" The man wiped the dripping cold liquid from his head and face and started with the rest of him, still shivering. he got a good look now at the elderly man with the name tag "Gardner" on his upper right shirt chest and then looked around at what seemed to be a long deserted office. "Where..?", the man demanded from the older man. "An old, abandoned bratwurst factory. I...was prepping it for demolition when I...came upon you..are you ok?" Looking unsatisfied, the naked man grabbed the man by his shirt and again demanded,"Where...!?! give me a city you wretched excuse for a man!" it was hard for him to get such outbursts right now after his ordeal, but he had to let the old man know who was in charge of the situation. Looking a little panicked, the old man replied.."We're...outside of Berlin." This sent a twinkle in the man's eye..."East..Berlin?" "No..not for 17 years...Germany's a unified country now." The man, with the twinkle a little more prevelent now, opened a compartment on the side of the pod, which contained a long since worn, but perfectly preserved uniform. As he methodically put on his uniform, he reflected.."A unified Germany...under communism" He smiled, feeling like something has been accomplished..The old man, looking like maybe he shouldn't let the cat out of the bag..but did it anyways.."Um....No, I'm afraid not komrade. not for a long time."

The man finsihed putting on the top leather jacket of his uniform, his various medals, jingled with each action, and gave a very angry, surprised look to the old man,"what are you talking about? Tell me everything." The old man, with a look of recognition as the man buttoned the last one on his jacket, put it bluntly, "A lot has changed since you helped built the wall to keep the evils of the west out of Berlin, Doktor Pepski. A lot indeed." The doktor, put on his trademark hat, asked, "what year is this?" in a dejected tone. "2004. It's march 13, 2004 herr doktor." Now this made the doktor mad, feeling forgotten. "The welps! they were supposed to wake me twelve years ago! In 1992! I could have stopped this! I could have made the west quake in fear! The iron curtain would have come down over the white house! The utopian comminust regime would have reigned as it was on the verge of doing when I went into suspended animation! I must go to the Kremlin immediately and start getting things back on track!" Now the old man REALLY looked like he was going to regret what he was bout to say, "But Doktor Pepski....the Soviet Union, the one you left behind, crumbled along with the wall in Berlin in 1989. It's a free market economy now. They are a democracy now! You'd be arrested for being a hard liner and taken to the Gulags in Syberia!" This information made the doktor fall to his knees. Everything he'd fought so hard for, his whole ideals, everything that defined who he was...gone. Under the stomping foot of capitalism. Running out of options, he had but one left...go back to the country that birthed him. "I must go back to America then...I must crush the government from within. I will show the world that capitalism is flawed, where as a worker's government, a true socialist state, would work that much more. You come with me, there is much to do!" The old man, looking befuddled, "But Doktor...I am too old to be running around." The doktor, looked at the old man with an idea, "What if I told you I have ways of taking years off your life, making you younger, surely there are things you'd like to do again, ja? Gardner?" This opened Gardner's eyes a little more..to be young again, make things right, "If you do this, I will swear loyalty to you and your cause herr doktor. But how..can you do this?" They left the office, with Pepski in the lead, down the dirtied hallway. "When I was placed in the pod, I bought stock in Pepsi Cola with all the money I had in the world...is that still around?" "Yes and it's one of the biggest comapnies in the world!", the old man said. "Good, assuming their stock is significantly higher now, I simply cash out my stock. My family, my real family in America, have land in New England, New Hampsire to be exact. I gave specific instructions to have every material item of mine placed in deep storage in a mountain on that land. Everything should be perfectly preserved, and hidden away from the world. Seamus Von Pepski's stuff would be seized at customs, but James Mondo's wouldn't." The two approached the large space, Pepski with a swagger opened the two doors, and walked down the large room, with the workers looking very odd towards the two. "Wonderful Doktor! After 40 years, everything should fall into place! can anything stop you doktor?"....with a pause as he reached the front door, the doktor looked down, thinking, "I think the only man who could must be retired by now and too old to put up a fight. To the Amercian embassy! I'm afraid, I'm an American who's had his passport stolen!"


[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2006-07-06 12:09 am (UTC)
I gave specific instructions to have every material item of mine placed in deep storage in a mountain on that land
hopefully not in the old man...cuz he's not there anymore either!! oh, woe is pepski!

well, at least they didn't make him into bratwursts!
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