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the story continues---2004...outside Berlin [Jul. 2nd, 2006|03:31 pm]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
The smell of bratwurst still was very pungeant as a cleaning crew entered the abandoned sausage factory. A team of five men, all but the new kid, time had seemingly had it's way with each one. Except for the kid, they were all well past 40, both in age and waist size. Their once grey uniforms now told tales of many cleaning days gone by. Since the end of the cold war, their jobs entailed stripping old abandoned buildings of wiring, gas mains, anything that could present problems during the demoiltion process. Along the way, they were to document any cases of possible bugs placed in any building, no matter what it's significance may have been. This week alone, four cold war era listening devices were uncovered in an old paper mill. It had become routine and very wearisome after doing this sort of building sweep for almost fifteen years now to the boss. He was a man who was knocking on the door of senior citizenry, if he wasn't there already. Taking the lead, he took a long look around the vast open space. A few conveyer belts stretched down the length of the room, some boxes lined up against the left and right side walls. The ceiling high windows were covered in years of buildup, if they wern't opened by rock size openings. He scratched the top of his silvery haired haed and put on a pair of glasses from his upper right pocket. "ok, see those outlets? Start tearing out the walls and get to ripping out those wires. Any bugs, as usual, take note. I'm going to check out that double door at the end of the room. " he said point tothe left and right. With that, two middle-aged, rotound men went to the left side of the room: the kid (all of 18, thin and jittery) and a man who was not as old as the others nor was he young as the kid, went to the right side. They took sledgehammers to walls surrounding a couple dead electrical outlets to get at the wires that much simpler, and less time consuming. The boss walked, flashlight in hand, towards the double door at the end of the room.

When he got there, he couldn't see anything through the grime that encrusted the portholes on either door. He open ed the left door and took a look. Shining the flashlight in, it was a hallway. Three open doorways came into his vision, papers strewn along the floorTwo on the right, one on the left. Making his way through the littered hallway, he heard what he thought was a humming from the first opening on the right. The old man followed his hearing with his flashlight, past the decrepit desks and more papers were scattered til an out of place appliance came into view. It was unlike anything he's seen...in reality anyways..but rather one of the American science fiction films that were always badly dubbed at the cinema. And it was still hooked up to the wall.Odd, I thought this building was supposed to be off the power grid...he thought. But a faint glow came from a eyelevel button panel on what seemed to be the front of the container shown otherwise. He had a job to do, and this thing had to go. He yanked out the cord coming from the back of the pod and going into the wall. Instantaneously, a beeping rang out from the from of the pod. He looked at the button panel as one of the eight buttons was flashing red in time with the beeping. He pressed the button because well...the beeping was getting annoying. The container, which had felt very cold to the touch was not starting to warm up..extremely fast. Controlled jets of steam bewildered the man who slowly walked backwards towards the doorway. Steam now hissed out from what seemed to be a vacuum seal lining around the front of the object. After a few moment, the depressed button turned green. Steam now turned to water drips and the pod was opening around the seal.


[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2006-07-03 07:19 am (UTC)
mmm bratwurst... *droool*

hm, hope dr. p has some clothes when he defrosts!~
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From: culeshov876
2013-02-17 12:27 pm (UTC)
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