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.....no evil deed goes unpunished.... [May. 23rd, 2007|04:11 pm]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
Having just had his beautiful bald head shined up, the enigmatic Doktor Seamus Von Pepski strutted down the great hall in his secret underground lair beneath Mt. Pepski. As he strode towards the kitchen to make his famous pepperoni and pineapple pizza, he heard his faithful man-servant Gardner talking...from the torture room. The doktor continued walking past until he realized something....Those aren't the screams of pain that Lt. Paige usually has him wailing..it sounds like...*gasp*!!! AN INTERROGATION!!!!...Now the Doktor was livid...his large sized, curly haired side kick knew a bunch of sacred laws institlled by the doktor to let him know who's boss....RULE 1: NO INTERROGATING OF PRISONERS...NOT EVEN ON A WHIM...this is reserved for Doktor Seamus Von Pepski and Lt. Paige....so the doktor angrily menaced to the torture room/lt.'s sleeping quarters to see his ingnorant man-servant with a hot syringe about to torture a gagged prisoner, as the lt.'s Paige and Chibi looked more angry he was using the torture devices at his disposal.....His shadow engorged the better part of the room as he bellowed...."GARDNER!!!!! VAT IZ ZHE MATTER WITH YOU???!!!???", the shock making the doomed servant drop his tool..."But Doktor Pepski..."..."Gardner!"..the doktor snapped,...."Vhat did I tell you about interrogating zee prisoners....vait....I took no prisoners today...vhat is he doing here?". Gardner responded with fear taking over his body." But Doktor Pepski..I just saw Hostel and I thought it might be fun to torture someone just like you, I did not ask him a question..I swear.." Lt. Chibi, quick to sell out her male counterpart, joined in the conversation.."He was about to ask a question! I heard him..he said 'first question'", cleaning a dead bee off her knife..The Doktor looked at his trusted Lt. Paige, who thusly shrugged.."Don't look at me, I'm just trying to find my pants...again." The stabbing gaze of The Doktor went back to Gardner..."Vell...I don't need to remind you vhat this means, ja?"....Almost begging, with a whine to the cries."No Doktore, please not 'the fun chair'. I've already been on it once today and I'm still got an electrical charge." The manservant, shaking all over, touched a piece of powered down monitor, which thusly powered back up to the touch,a nd off as he pulled his hand back..."Please Doktor...no fun chair," he squealled with tears in his eyes..."Oh Gardner...but I must. It is only fair that I punish you for breaking the rules..Punishment ensures that you vill never break the rules again. I know, I call it 'The Pepski theory of Conditioning'...if zee subject is punished after doing a wrong, he vill never do it again."...."So it's like being spanked. Wow..you are so innovated. Let me jot this down." Lt. Paige said in a deadpanned, sarcastic tone. Lt Chibi, however, seemed awed by the revelation. "That's brilliant Doktor! That deserves a big hug!", She ran up from her knife and hugged the Doktor who tried to protest, but was powerless when it comes to the fairer sex. After the hugging took place, the doktor pointed Gardner to get into an odd looking contraption. A barbers chair with all sorts of torture devices on it, wires sticking out and into the arms and legs of the chair. Metal spikes lined padding lain on the side of the chair, for access if needed to. The chair itself was attached to a large gyro-scope, so it would spin the helpless victim to and fro...yes this was The Doktor's crowning acheivement, and Lt. Paige's favorite torture device. One she loves to tinker with now and again, just to see if she can put just a little more torture into...She made her way to the control panel, which was located on a podium several feel to the right of the device. Gardener, sat in the chair, less a look of disappointment, but with a look of knowing he did a bad thing and it was "fun chair time" once again.

[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2007-05-25 12:57 am (UTC)
Having just had his beautiful bald head shined up
and what does his bald head get shined up WITH? :P

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[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2007-05-25 01:27 am (UTC)
p.s. for lt. paige to hang in her office!!

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