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A Pepski Holloween - Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain

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A Pepski Holloween [Nov. 1st, 2006|05:45 pm]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
October 31 arrived, as it did every year, this fact was not looked over by Doktor Seamus Von Pepski, world hated communist would-be dictator, and otherwise no-goodnik. Even in his underground lair, carefully hidden under Mt. Pepski, the calendar still had it's effect. His wayward Lt., Chibi Chibowski, the resident maker of all things cute(to the occasional grumble of the doktor), came running into his spacious throne room.. "It's Halloween Doktor , Sir! Halloween!!!", as she gave him one of those hugs he tried to avoid everytime she beckoned. With the usual grumble, he gave his ackowledgement..."Ja...that's great..", he said in his clearly fake German accent, as he is a a US citzen of Irish Heritage...."What does that mean for me?", he said...."Why you've...got to give out candy to trick-or-treaters! that's what!", she exclaimed, bouncing around the doktor and his throne. With a look of sheer confusion, the great doktor stated the obvious..."We're in a lair...UNDER a MOUNTAIN! HIDDEN!!!! from the world, trying to stay that way...and you want me to give candy out to trick or treaters?????", with rising irritaation...,"How do you think they will even know to come here?"....Chibi scratched her head and gave a cute little pout look, whilest turning her eyes to the left.."Um.....I put up signs, showing directions here."......"Signs?!? Where did you put these up woman??"....."Um, everywhere, sir..and I drew cute little smiling jack O'lanterns on the fliers! LOOK!!!" She showed it with immense pride to the doktor, beaming with a smile...."Worship the cuteness!!!!!! say it!!". Alomst under his breath, he ackowledged, "yes. very cute." With that she gave the dokotr yet another hug.."Hug Me BACK!!!"...against his better judgement, he did just that, rolling his eyes the whole time....Then a light bulb went off in the doktor's head....An idea!

"Ok Lt. Chibi..I can make this work", he said with an eeeeeevil look in his eye...as he dashed toward the elevator entrance to the lair. and zoomed right up the elevator to his family's ancestiral house that served as a decoy. "Yay! Way to get in the spirit doktor!", chibi said as the first of the trick or treaters arrived...The doktor opened the door to three children, each one dressed as his hated Arch nemesis..."AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!" what is this?" He cried as he looked on with sheer horror. a kid with red hair, on the left said, "We've all dressed as our favorite hero, the amazing Snack Captain! Trick or treat!" With an utter look of digust, he gave out three pieces of candy, one for each kid, and they went on their way...however, he had also taken five pieces out of each bag!!! "Hey!!! You can't do that Doktor!", Chibi flashed a look of disaproval. With a look of evil across his grinning face, the doktor exclaimed,"Ahh..but I can! Any kid foolish enough to come here shall pay the price and I shall take five candies as I hand out one!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!" He did this for most of the night, with Chibi giving the doktor a very disaporving pout as his pile of ill-gotten goodies piled up. Nine o'clock came about and the pile now filled up a few paper boxes..."Ha ha ha ha!!!! Now the candies will be mine!", the doktor beamed victoriously in the modest sized living room....just then, the doorbell rang.."Ahhh...a final child to make my plan complete!", he gleamed as he opened the door to see.......a rather large ghost. The doktor looking a little perplexed..."Aren't you a little old for halloween, kid?"..."Not when all you're handing out is tricks instead of treats, Pepski!", the familiar sounding ghost proclaimed as he grabbed the doktor! "What!! Snack Captain!...noooo!"....."Who did you expect? Colonel Klink? Now I must teach you a lesson for stealing out of the mouths of children! That's mighty low!", as he lifted the doktor towards a rather large window door at the end of the hall..."Wait..I don't mind the window so much, but can't you give me the dignity of not throwing me with the costume on?"...."Sorry Pepski, but I have a party I have to go to and I can't do it." With that, the doktor flew out backwards through the window, landed three feet below on a grass covered backyard. In trying to get up, the doktor was crushed as his loyal, cute obsessed lt. was thrown atop the evil doer, she didn't mind it so much oddly enough, as she gave the doktor a hug as he wallowed in pain..."Happy Halloween Pepski!", the snack captain said as he hauled out the villain swiped booty....deep in the woods, sometimes if you listen to the wind, you will make out a faint cry...a cry of 'curse you snack captain..."


[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2006-11-02 12:30 am (UTC)
he said in his clearly fake German accent, as he is a a US citzen of Irish Heritage.

hey, how come pepski doesn't hand out cans of pepsi laced with drugs that make people do his will?? :P
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