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all right the adventure continues!!: Leaving Berlin!! [Jul. 27th, 2006|09:16 am]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
The Doktor looked down the darkened small crevace that served as a book store to a familiar silhouette, seemingly untouched by time, but he had to be sure it was this contact, this trusted ally from decades long ago. "Friend, there is an old saying, The hammer strikes upon a crushing blow of it's enemies." The silhouette responded, "Ahh, but the sickle swings a devastating swath upon those that would oppose it. I see you've remember the secret code, eh Pepski?" With a sigh of relief, The Doktor took off his hat and replied in kind, "Ja, Herr Max Stovski, it was practically yesterday for me, not so much for you though....though I wouldn't not tell so much by your...youth." The doktor said as he approached the man slowly, his man-servant Gardner behind him. Turning on the lights to the room, it was revealed that the man was not that much older than The Doktor. "Well, I have given myself the indulgence of using your DNA resequencer and am most pleased with the results." "Well of course!! You would think that I would create a device that didn't work? I'm almost insulted. But I shall let it pass." The man lead the doktor and his rotund servant into the back, past the book lined shelving that had seemingly collected dust for the decades the doktor was in cryogenic freeze. A room that the revived doktor was once familiar with was now filled with various forms of technology that he was unfamiliar with. "What...is all this?" Showing the items around with pride, max exclaimed, "It's my real income. I create identities using these computers. Each one of these three computers contain more memory than those massive rooms you used to create many of your past devices and your schemes. I can give anyone perfectly legal identifications...well for the right price...I also pyrate movies for the Chinese, you'de be surprised how big that business is over there...but anyways, you're not here to talk about how I've done since the black market days, you want the DNA resequencer..and some cash." The Doktor looked as if he had a new epiphany..."Identities...you could create something that could say..pass at an airport?" "That's child's play. I could do that in my sleep. Are you looking to get out of the country?" The Doktor looked at one of the computer towers, "I was originally going to use the DNA resequencer on myself and make me older so I could finagle one from the US embassy, but why amke things tough on myself?"...."Because you're the greatest commuinist mind of our time Herr doktor?" Gardner fearfully interjected. "That may be true. But don't speak unless you're spoken to again or I shall teach you the price of disobeidence." Gardner backed away,.."Yes doktor pepski, I will obey." With the interuption out of the way, the Doktor went back to max, "Now how long will it take you to create new identification?" A camera flashed in front of him, and within a few seconds, he was presented a driver's licence, a passport, social security card, and an ATM card. The Doktor looked at the name on the ID. "James M Sullivan. You know Max, I'm not so keen on playing the role of American, You know my heart lies in that of our old Soviet union." "well yes Doktor, but you've got to if you want to get out of the country and get back to your birth country without being watched, ja?" The doktor reflected for a minute, "Ja, of course. Have you sold some of my shares like I asked?" Max picked up a metal suitcase from below one of the computer desks. "I did doktor. Here you go, It came out to 2.7 million after my cut." "But...you only sold a small fraction of my shares, didn't you? How can it be that much?" "Doktor, I could go into economics with you, but with the amount of shares you have in Pepsi Cola Co. and the various products they produce, the restaurants they own, you are a billionaire, many times over. You could take it all and live the life." Gardner looked at the doktor with renewed vigor.."Billions..billions of monies.." SMACK!!! as the doktor rapped his assistant upon his head."Quiet! it's not about the money..it's about rebuilding a once proud empire! And what better place to do that than in my old country. We must leave immediately! And prepare! Thank you max, I will inform you when I need my devices." The doktor put his hat back on, grabbed the case with his right hand,turned around, and went out the door, with Gardner in tow. "But Doktor what about the.." Max saw as the Doktor turned left out the door and walked down the street, with Gardner behind him. A half minute later, the Doktor ran the other direction, Gardner now had the case, rtying to keep up, and several of the neighborhood's denizens gave chase making cat calls all the way.

It was now a clear night at the Berlin Airport. The doktor, now dressed in a dark blue suit, Gardner in the like, had made arrangements to rent a private plane to New Hampshire, to his childhood home, which he had discovered was left to him if he should ever come back in his parent's will. The doktor went through the security checks with a little problem as his medals in a suit case had set off an alarm. But his ID checked through as he gave his finger prints. And shortly he and his servant were in a private plane, bound for the states...

Halfway around the world, in a house in Montana, an old man sits in a chair. Snoring the night away, a newspaper laying on his lap, the television showing Headline News. He was in extremely good shape for a man in his accelerated years. As if he was waiting for that one last moment to shine, and one way or another, his body would be fit enough for the challenge. But all he was surrounded by was visions of a past life. A wall was encompassed with medals and photographs, another life, another time when a young man was awarded for being heroic in defending his country and way of life from oppressors. The man was dreaming back to the times of self sacrifice and dareing do when an alarm went off...An alarm that sounded broken, as it went in and out. It blared three times before the man woke up. He stumbled out of the chair, unsure if it was actually the one he had been waiting for or if he was still in a dream. Still half asleep, he made his way to a den near a stairwell. The den wall was lined with newpaper headlines where the man, a good deal younger, had done many a good deed in his prime. It dated as far back as WWII, where there was a cartoon of the man punching Hitlet in the mouth. There were headlines of him fighting the Doktor in several battles. The last one was a picture of the man taking a gold sledge hammer to the Berlin Wall. He walked past all these images to his desk. He turned on the monitor to see a picture of the doktor had come up. He pressed one of the buttons on an intercom on the left corner of his desk. "Where did he surface, Bilky?" "He left a finger print in Berlin, Sir."..."Berlin...Bilky, call Langley, tell them I'm coming in." The box responded, "Yes< Snack Captain, I'll do it right away."


[User Picture]From: staxx
2006-07-30 12:14 am (UTC)

I'm diggin this

this is pretty cool Dr. I eagerly await the next installment....I also have a story idea involving the Dr. But I will let this pan out for a bit before I say anything
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[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2006-08-03 02:55 am (UTC)
ooh the appearance of the snack captain! so, does he wear dentures now?
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