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Hellbent..hellbent for leather!..Berlin 2004 - Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain

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Hellbent..hellbent for leather!..Berlin 2004 [Jul. 12th, 2006|09:18 am]
Doktor Seamus Von Pepski Vs Snack Captain
Trudging thhrough a cold, light drizzle, Doktor Pepski walked through alleyways of what he used to know as East Berlin, before the fall of the iron Curtin. Trying to keep up with an umbrella reached out from his right hand was Gardner, a lackey who has newly sworn a pact of loyalty to the Doktor...assuming that he keeps his promises and all. They were out on this night as the doktor had re-established contact with an ally from the days of the cold war. Back then the man was a chief arms supplier for the varous republics in the Eastern Bloc. He was a man so entursted by the doktor, that he was given several protoypes that the doktor came up with when the Soviet union was at it's peak, and most feared. One device, in particluar, that he needed in order to get to the United States Embassy without raising suspicion. By right, he should be 74 years old and the signs of age should have taken a firm grasp on the doktor's body...and yet, because of the 42 year leave of life in a cryogenic state, Pepski was all of 32, both physically and mentally. He was still learning about things that had come and gone in that time, so he wasn't up to speed with the rest of the world yet. But to get to America and to start up his plans of a world wide embrace of the communist ideals, he needed to age him self. To do this, he needed to alter his DNA. A specific prototype that could alter human DNA to a point where he could either de-age or age a person....a fountain of youth or an instument of death. He didn't want anyone getting asking questions, his plan was to go to the emabassy and tell a tale of wandering Europe for decades, having recently lost all forms of identification and using his birth name, James Mondo Sullivan, to secure a new passport in order to re-emerse himself with life in America. A land he left over fifty years ago out of fear of being indicted by the Un-American ways and means commitee. Now he was going to start a new life, at least he was going to tell the embassy officials.

"Doktor, the neighborhood you told me we are going to..well, it's not for everyone's tastes." Gardner said as he was practically at a slow jog now doingw hat he could to keep up with the doktor's strong swaggering march. Doktor Pepski halted and impatiently waitied for the umbrella that should have been over his head seven blocks ago. "How is that, Gardner?", the umbrella now over Pepski's head, he snatched it out of his lackey's weary hands, muttering something derogatory under his breath. "It is how you would say...the red light district? I would look out if I were you, especially with your taste in military uniform." The doktor, flashed a self-serving grin on his face, as if remembering a past tryst or five. "Ja, the ladies could never resist a strong, masculine communist leader..especially in uniform. I will do my best to resist any come ons," he said, pressing onward out of the alleyway. He took two steps and ground to a halt and dropped the umbrella. A look of utter shock and fear krept over his face for the first time in almost fifty years. Before him was what best could be described as a cowhide convention. Everywhere, in a street lined vastly by men, with just a few women watching, was all sorts of debaucheries going on. It was as if Soddom and Gammorah had mish mashed into a black leather wearing techno beat. men were kissing men, women were kissing men, women he wasn't sure were actually women kissing men. Everyone was touching someone in a personal, intimate way. It's as if every taboo in the old communist regime was being indulged here. There was even a leather bound midget, riding a man in head to toe leather, holding the reigns from a mouth gag. all this sensory overload made the doktor do what came naturally, throw up. The utter explicitness, the public displays of raunciness, what sort of deviant future had he awaken in? "Gardner....what...is this...madness?" was all he could get out as he leaned forward against the alleyway wall. Gardner, having seen it a few times before just shrugged his shoulders and replied, "It's like I said, the red light district of Berlin. The world is a little more accepting of what you would have called sexual deviance now. Sexual acts and relationships that the Soviet Union denounced are more of a norm." The Doktor looked pale, pointed at one leather clad couple, each one with a great big handful of ham. "Is that man....frenching that other man...FOR ALL TO SEE!!!???" Gardner just shrugged his shoulders, "Eh, what can ye do?" Culture shock and the loss of his unch not withstanding, Pepski did what he could to regain his composure, look several deep breaths, lowered his hat over his eyebrows. "We must be subtle. My contact's address is a couple of blocks past this insanity. If we keep to ourselves, there is no reason to believe we can't make it without drawing anyone's attention." Easy for a man, in a full leather uniform, from head to boots, shoulder pads, a myraid of dangling medals and a commadant's hat...to say. As he made his way out of the alley way, trying not to draw attention, his outfit did just that...The catcalls came right away. And not from the few females had had seen in his intial scan...ones that sure would have had been restrained from him a long time ago. No, every man with a fetish for a strong man in leather had taken noticed of this marching military man who had appeared from out of the alley way, not the older man, picking up the umbrella and chasing after. With the sudden relaization that the jig was up, the doktor quickened his pace. Not fast enough though as he had received several slaps on his ass, several men trying to halt his walk, as if they had plans of their own. No the doktor was starting to get terrified, this was most certainly not at all what he wanted, and he wasn't going to give anyone his adoring public what they wanted either. He had quickened his pace to a run now as he past the first block in what was a gauntlet of lether clad males, which seemed to get a little more troublesome with every advance he made. "Where are you going, can I come too?" "Run baby run, I'm up for a chase.." "Do you want to interogate me? I've been a bad boy." These and many more were unreplied answers from Pepski as he did what he could to get past any one that got in his way. He had somewhere to be, and he wasn't going to let someone have their way with him....especially since he didn't want it. He didn't like the lose contact and the attack on his personal space. He was being touched by every man he can past, and he didn't like it. He was at a full run now, Gardner trying to keep up, but occasionally getting lost in the situation. The Doktor was now a block past the district, but some men had still kept chase, with Gardner just ahead of them. With no loss of step, The doktor got to his destination, went throught he door, and slammed it. A few seconds later, Gardener got to the door, started tapping asking Pepski to let him in. Debating whether to let his lackey take in on the chin...so to speak, he opened the door and let him in with a snide look on his face. "sorry doktor pepski.." Gardner let out looking a little embarrassed by the whole thing. A voice came from behind the two, "Well, well well, Doktor Seamus Von Pepski, you haven't changed at all."


[User Picture]From: twilight4ever
2006-07-13 03:32 pm (UTC)
mmm yummy leather!! :P

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